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Exceptional Real Estate Development Services.

At Heyer & Associates, we partner closely with developers by providing meaningful insight and strategic guidance throughout the project from pre-development to closing. We provide comprehensive solutions. Collaborating with key partners such as the architect, interior designer, brokers, and marketing teams, we gain knowledge of all facets of the project ensuring seamless integration at each point in the process. What makes us unique in the market, is our commitment to the developer, as all of our agents are fully dedicated to the project.

This ensures they not only understand and represent the developer’s interest, but also operate as a true extension of the developer. Our work supports a developer’s business plan by integrating legal, financial, marketing and development requirements into a single, seamless plan. Through our professional and consistent management of sales, we ensure a well-coordinated and efficient closing. Our services not only reduce the developer’s workload but also help to ensure the final product truly reflects the developer’s marketing promise.

Alia 888 Ala Moana Tower
Alia 888 Ala Moana Great Lawn
Alia 888 Ala Moana - Kitchen
Alia 888 Ala Moana - Building
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Exceptional Real Estate
Development Services.

Our services go beyond just sales management. We work with you to create a comprehensive plan that integrates all the legal, financial, marketing, and development requirements of your project.

We aim at luxury and ultimate excellence

At Heyer & Associates, we are dedicated to helping developers succeed. Our team partners closely with you throughout the entire project, providing strategic guidance and valuable insights from pre-development to closing.